Dillon Danis gets pranked into promoting fake NFT – going rate revealed

Logan Paul has been dealing with a tremendous amount of scrutiny due to a series of videos detailing him allegedly playing a part in a multi-million NFT fraud.

Coffeezilla is a self-described internet detective on YouTube. He uploaded a video investigating Paul and his alleged involvement in a $40 million cryptocurrency fraud.

BJJ ace turned MMA pro was among the first to blast Paul online:

This ‘virtue signaling’ landed him on Coffeezilla’s list because he’s been known to promote rugpulls.

Danis hasn’t competed since 2019 due to two consecutive knee reconstructions. His career in MMA is in limbo and he had to pull out of KSI boxing match after he failed to find a coach who would get him through camp.

Rugpull is a project that’s advertised and dumped as soon as the investors fall for the ad and invest heavily into it.

Coffeezilla paid Danis $1,000 to promote an NFT to figure out his history in the crypto space and the going rates.

Danis turned out to be smarter than Logan Paul – he opens a new wallet for each of his ‘partnerships’ so the question of how much money Danis had made promoting these is still up in the air.

We did get an answer to the question about his going rate. Apparently a 24 hour stay on Dillon Danis’ twitter account will set you back about $5000 at least. The only aspect of the project Danis seemed to figure out was the budget – insisting that his going rate is higher than the initial offer.

Coffezilla went so far as to have Danis sign a contract detailing that the link Danis will post will lead to a website where Danis’ history of promoting NFT rugpulls would be displayed. Danis agreed to the contract eager to get his money – not having read the actual contract.

“The entire project is fake, and if you ‘Mint It,’ it takes you to (a) website devoted to all the scams he’s done in the past.”