Dillon Danis Claims He Can Submit Francis Ngannou in a Street Fight

Francis Ngannou successfully defended his title against challenger Cyril Gane in a recent event. The heavyweight title fight headlined UFC 270 main event. Ngannou defeated Gane via unanimous decision and marking his sixth win in a row. Considering Ngannou showcased judo, wrestling and jiu jitsu and used them to triumph – Dillon Danis felt it would be a great time to make another headline for himself.

Dillon Danis (28) has claimed that he can submit the 1,93m tall Francis Ngannou. Not just that – he said that he can make the reigning UFC heavyweight champion tap under 30 seconds in a street fight where there are no rules and rounds. This is definitely nonsense as most people know, size does matter. A bigger person can usually absorb more punishment than a smaller person. Plus they often hit harder.

‘El Jefe’ took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, to post the nonsense.

“and in a street fight, I’d submit Francis in under 30 seconds.” wrote Dillon Danis.


Dunking on Danis seems to be everyone’s favorite sport – so we’ve highlighted couple of the best replies for your pleasure:

The replies are full of people mocking Danis, but Danis got the attention he wanted. Even though he hasn’t had a fight in three years Danis keeps on trying to get ahead on social media.

Previously, Dillon Danis had an online altercation with the MMA journalist, Ariel Helwani. Helwani triggered Danis when he mentioned how Danis couldn’t get a fight with the celebrity boxer Jake Paul.