Diego Sanchez tries to Psych out Kevin Lee during face off, slams UFC

Diego Sanchez is many things – but he’s never been boring. He is currently scheduled to meet former UFC lightweight Kevin Lee in a 3 round fight that will headline upcoming Eagle FC card.

For the face off – Sanchez came in jazzed at one point exclaiming ‘I am the mountain’.

Prior to the fight Sanchez has been giving interviews to amp up his return. Sanchez claims he’s not harboring ill will toward the UFC while at the same time claiming that UFC would rather go broke than pay the fighters.  Sanchez told BJPenn:

““There’s no reason to hold a grudge,” Sanchez said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “A grudge will only kill you, a grudge will only hurt you, a grudge will only put you in the chains in the shackles of hatred and that isn’t Diego Sanchez’s positive energy.”

Sanchez later went on to add, “How many billions do you have to get before you start paying the fighters more than 10 percent of the revenue? You have the NFL and the NBA are getting paid 50, other sports are getting paid 60%, UFC isn’t paying fighters. We are the fighters that get f****d up and they just throw you out like old trash.”

Leave it to Sanchez to get the details wrong – the class action lawsuit against the UFC revealed the fighters are compensated with roughly 18% of revenue the event brings in. Of course Sanchez refused to divulge any additional info on his unfortunate decoupling with Joshua Fabia.