Did Mayweather hit on Aljamain Sterling’s girlfriend? When ‘Funk Master’ accused the boxer of trying to steal his girl

If you are a successful combat sports icon, one might assume that unwanted confrontations would become a rarity. But for Aljamain Sterling, this proved far from the truth.

Sterling claims that a famous boxer once attempted to steal his girlfriend covertly. It was made by none other than boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. Despite Sterling’s being there, Mayweather made a dubious attempt at winning over his girlfriend’s affection.

Mayweather allegedly dispatched his “minions” to invite the pair over to party with him. However, Sterling turned down the offer in an angry callout after seeing the boxing legend’s hidden agenda.

In an exclusive interview with Barstool Sports, Sterling recounted the incident. He said: “He sent over his minions to try to pick her up. This was back in 2016. I was still undefeated at the time… A guy first told us… we can both come down.”

“I’m like, man, I ain’t stupid. We come over there, you guys are going to try to take her up and push me back, and I’m going to feel some type of way and be like, naah.”

Sterling went on to add: “Now I’ve got to create a scene, because you are not about to punk me like that… I was like, listen, I know how this movie goes, you can tell Floyd he is undefeated in boxing, I’m undefeated in MMA. If we want to figure out what’s the better sport, we can fight out today.”

Presently, Aljamain Sterling has been gearing up for his bantamweight title defense against Sean O’Malley. The match is scheduled for UFC 292, on Saturday, August 19. It will take place at Boston’s TD Garden.

During the media day for the impending pay-per-view event, Sterling emphasized the contrast between his and his opponent’s track records. He said that he has competed against top-notch opponents throughout his career, whereas Sean O’Malley’s sole memorable victory is against Petr Yan.

He stated: “The caliber of opposition and opponents that I have faced [compared to him] is night and day… I don’t think there’s anyone in the UFC other than Petr Yan that he has beaten that is still in the UFC, and you can’t say the same for my resume and the opponents that I have faced over the years.”