Deontay Wilder thinks he would’ve been wicked in the UFC

One of the most potent punchers in the heavyweight division right now is former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. He has a remarkable KO record of 97.61%, with 41 knockout wins in 45 bouts.

Fans have long been fascinated by Wilder’s strength, which has led many to wonder how he would do in other combat sports like MMA. And it seems that the resident of Alabama may have considered a different path for himself.

In a chat with Tobin, Wilder discussed how he would do against the best UFC heavyweights.

Wilder said,

“I can only imagine. I already know what I’m capable of doing but I can only imagine how a face would be deteriorated of me coming full force from a high position threshing downward. It can get pretty scary.”

He went on to say that this was only a rumor and that he was content with his career as a boxer right now.

He added:

“But you know I’m in the business of what I’m in and I’m enjoying it. I love what I do and at this point, it’s just only imagination things right now but it’ll be wicked wouldn’t it?”

For combat fans, seeing Wilder compete in the UFC has been a dream and is likely to stay a dream. Forbes reported Deontay Wilder’s net worth in 2020 was at $46.5m. To put things into perspective, even McGregor’s paydays pale in comparison. UFC’s Jorge Masvidal has career earnings totaling roughly 5 million and that’s for over 20 bouts.


Wilder poses a danger to everyone with his 6’8″ stature and tremendous knockout power. It would be spectacular to see him in the Octagon as unlikely as it is.

After being absent for over a year, Wilder will return to the squared circle. Robert Helenius, a boxer from Finland, will challenge him on October 15 at the Barclays Center. Additionally, this will be his first bout since losing to Tyson Fury in a trilogy last year.

Last October, Wilder lost his third to Fury by way of a stoppage in the eleventh round, putting an end to their long-standing rivalry.

After losing to Fury twice, the former heavyweight champion will try to regain the belt. For the first 43 bouts of his career, Wilder was unbeaten. The lone exception was a draw with Tyson Fury. He will now try to beat Helenius in order to further his career.