DC: Khabib told us he turned down $40 million

As the lineup for UFC 300 begins to take form, fans are eagerly awaiting a potential surprise that could elevate the card to unprecedented heights. They are expecting something unexpected and truly sensational.

When past winners make a comeback, rumors start to circulate. It seems like Khabib Nurmagomedov is the most likely of them.

With his unbeaten record still intact, Nurmagomedov retired at the height of his career. Ever since, his fans have been yearning at the idea of seeing him return to the Octagon.

Regrettably, signs indicate that Nurmagomedov’s retirement is final. This is marked by his deliberate withdrawal from the public eye, even abstaining from attending events to support his fellow teammates.

Daniel Cormier believes that if the former lightweight champion would make his return, it may have occurred by now. In a recent YouTube video, Cormier addressed rumors that his longtime partner will return at UFC 300.

While admitting that he hasn’t had recent conversations with Nurmagomedov, Cormier remains skeptical about the likelihood of a comeback. He reinforces his stance by recounting a conversation with Khabib during a UFC Fight Pass show.

When Nurmagomedov was inducted into the list of the best 30 UFC fighters of all time, the panel joined via video conference. During the call, Nurmagomedov surprised the panel with a revelation that sheds light on his steadfast retirement decision.

Cormier said: “I don’t imagine he would come back because dude, when we did a top 30 UFC fighters of all time, Khabib told us he turned down $40 million. He said $40 million, that dude said $40 million bro to come back, to fight in the UFC. I don’t know how many fights he was meaning, I don’t know what he meant but he just said it. He goes ‘I turned away $40 million brother, I’m done’. I don’t know what would prompt him to come back if he was turning that type of money away two years ago.”