Darren Till might get a random 2024 title shot at Karate Combat

The future seems to hold an intriguing turn for former UFC star Darren Till. He might step into the Karate Combat arena for a potential title match in 2024.

The Liverpudlian left the UFC in February in order to focus on other pursuits outside of the promotion. He lost to Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 282 in December 2022, which was his last bout  for the UFC.

Till recently captured attention by boldly asserting his capability to overpower any competitor in Karate Combat. In response, middleweight champion Ross Levine swiftly extended a challenge to Till.

Although the initial plan aimed for Till’s participation in the upcoming Las Vegas event on December 15 against Levine, they are now concentrating on getting Till on board for the next year.

Karate Combat president Asim Zaidi expressed enthusiasm about a potential clash between two.

He said to Daily Star Sports: “Darren Till is one of the top strikers in the game and so is our middleweight champion Ross Levine, so we’re very interested in making that fight. We’d hoped to get the fight made for the December 15th event in Las Vegas but we couldn’t get a deal finalized in time.”

Former president of Karate Combat Adam Kovacs also challenged Till to a match with any player on the roster. Till replied: “Sounds like your whole roster is full of bums and it will be an easy nights work whoever it is.”

Upon hearing Till’s claims, Ross Levine expressed eagerness for a showdown. He said: “Darren Till made some tweet about how he could demolish the entire Karate Combat roster in one night. I was like great, I’ll take care of that.”

“So I asked Karate Combat to try and make that fight and again negotiations got underway but they couldn’t get a deal worked out in time for Vegas.”

Levine emphasized their potential match-up and his willingness to put his Karate Combat Middleweight Championship on the line.

He continued: “But that’s a fight I’d really like. I think we match up amazingly and he’s got crazy good striking skills. He’s only ever really had problems with guys that can wrestle. We’d have an all-striking fight and it would be great. And obviously I am happy to put my Karate Combat Middleweight Championship on the line for him as well. Immediate title shot, come and get it!”

Till has never engaged in combat in the Karate category. Meanwhile, Levine is 4-0 before his bout with Sam Alvey.