Darren Till claims Dillon Danis wanted to get DQed against Logan Paul

Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul was horrible. But according to Darren Till, the reality surpassed even his low expectations.

In the lead-up to the match, Danis and Paul engaged in a barrage of trash-talk as both vowed to deliver knockout blows. But once inside the ring, Danis seemed hesitant to execute any significant moves.

It was evident that he was on the losing end of the contest. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Danis feigned a takedown of Paul and even went into a guillotine choke.

This move prompted a swift response from security, who intervened by entering the ring. It eventually led to Dillon Danis being disqualified. In the eyes of Darren Till, he thinks Danis was intentionally attempting to be disqualified.

Till did not mince his words when criticizing the performance. He said on The MMA Hour: “It was everything I expected. I think [Danis] wanted to disqualify himself. Listen, no matter what you say, and no matter what Conor [McGregor] says, and no matter what he says, he can’t box.”

“He physically and mentally cannot box. Jiu-jitsu, yeah. I don’t know in terms of one of the greats how good he actually is… In terms of how good Dillon is in the jiu-jitsu world, I’m unaware. I just know he is very good at jiu-jitsu.”

“Logan, on the other hand, can’t box, got no power. He is a very athletic guy. He’s big, he’s strong. The stuff he does in the WWE, no normal person can do that, so you have to give him credit for that side of things. But in terms of boxing and the art and knockouts and stuff like that, it was preposterous…”

“It was disgusting to watch. It really was. Dillon didn’t do anything, and Logan couldn’t actually do anything to Dillon. He just hasn’t got the power. Jake Paul, even though I still don’t think he’s as good as what he thinks he is, he actually has got power.”

“If you put your hands down and Jake catches you with a right hand, he will knock you out. He can actually punch and dedicates a lot of time and effort to the sport. Logan, on the other hand, is just not that guy.”

Following his disqualification, Dillon Danis turned to social media to assert that he was not a boxer and expressed disappointment that Logan Paul failed to secure a knockout.

Danis has declared his intention to appeal the disqualification, but Till remains skeptical as he believes that Danis intentionally triggered the disqualification.