Darren Till arrested for DUI in Stockholm last month

UFC middleweight Darren Till was detained by police in Stockholm last month after they found him to be guilty of a DUI offense.

According to a police report quoted by the Swedish national daily Expressen, the arrest took place on the evening of July 31 when Till was stopped for speeding in a silver Audi with English license plates. Till was accompanied by a lady, and they both stepped out of the vehicle.


Police said that Till originally claimed that the lady was driving until she admitted that it was Till behind the wheel. Till admitted to the police that he had “one to two beers” while dining.

Till was given a breath test by police when they found him to be “noticeably” under the influence and the results were three times above the legal limit. After a while, Till changed his mind and acknowledged drinking and driving. He consented to the undisclosed punishment order.

Michael Bisping has previously expressed his horror at driving with Till and Chimaev saying:

“Terrifying. Oh my God, I was in the car with them, with Khamzat and Darren both taking turns to drive. I almost died,” Bisping said on The MMA Hour.

“They’re 28 and 26, I’m 43. I’ve grown up a bit. I’ve done a little bit of maturing over the years.”

“We went out to dinner Friday night. They picked me up from the hotel, which is very nice, and they drive me back to the hotel and got a little giddy. Khamzat’s driving like an absolute g****** maniac! And I mean a maniac. On the wrong side of the road, purposely, dodging traffic — I’m in the back, ‘Ahh! Ahh!’ Screaming, putting my seat belt on like, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ They pull in the gas station, I went in to buy some milk for my coffee in the morning and I come out and they’re doing donuts like maniacs in the car park.”

“I’m like, ‘Guys, you’re going to get arrested!’ I get in the car, Darren Till starts doing more donuts, just misses the fuel pump by about this much [holds his fingers two inches apart], and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, let me out of this car.’”

At Stockholm’s Allstars Training Center, Till has spent a lot of time this year working out with rising UFC star Khamzat Chimaev. On July 23 in London, Till was supposed to face Jack Hermansson. However, he had to pull out due to an injury.

Till, a former UFC welterweight championship contender, has lost four of his last five. The losing streak started with his defeat to Tyron Woodley in September 2018. Till last competed in September 2021, losing to Derek Brunson through third-round submission.

Till expressed faith that he’ll go back to his best in a recent interview with ESPN in which he discussed joining the UFC before the year 2022 comes to a conclusion.