Daniel Cormier weighs in on Fury vs. Ngannou: Nobody’s disappointed but UFC’s moved on


Francis Ngannou’s remarkable performance against Tyson Fury in a recent boxing match sparked curiosity about the UFC’s reaction. Daniel Cormier provided valuable insight into the matter.

Before the Ngannou vs. Fury bout, many anticipated a challenging event for the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Longtime UFC employee, Daniel Cormier, was among those who had doubts about Ngannou’s chances of success in the boxing ring.

However, the outcome, where Ngannou showcased exceptional skills and arguably bested Fury, left many wondering how both Cormier and the UFC would react to this unexpected turn of events. According to Cormier, the UFC is not disappointed by Ngannou’s venture into boxing; in fact, they see it as a positive development for MMA.

He stated, “It was massive for Francis financially and for his profile, which is the best thing that could happen. But, the UFC is just gonna move on. I know from being there and being involved, and just kind of knowing. Nobody’s disappointed. Nobody’s disappointed. If anything, it just really does help elevate the sport, and I think that’s what’s important, at least to me.”

Cormier’s opinion on the outcome, where he thought Ngannou lost, diverged from the popular belief that Ngannou deserved the win. Despite his scoring, he expressed admiration for Ngannou’s performance, acknowledging that Ngannou displayed remarkable skills and resilience.

This perspective finds support in the comments made by reigning UFC bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley, who also admitted to initially underestimating Ngannou’s abilities upon leaving the UFC.

While fans once entertained the idea of Daniel Cormier facing Francis Ngannou inside the octagon, such a matchup never materialized. Although there were moments when Cormier appeared open to the idea, such as after Ngannou’s impressive victory over Jairzinho Rozenstruik, it remained a hypothetical scenario. Ultimately, Cormier retired from MMA without ever crossing paths with “The Predator.”