Dana White slammed by sports stars as an old clip of him saying football ‘is the least talented sport on Earth’ emerged

UFC has made a lot of interesting deals as of late. MMA space is all but dominated by UFC but they’re eager to keep their market growing which is why they tapped a lot of viral stars to promote their events.

UFC has enlisted NELK boys, Hasbulla and Liver King among other viral stars to keep their audiences growing. They also maintain a presence on Tiktok and even specifically create content for the platform occasionally.

The latest news confirm UFC is partnering with a Spanish Football League. This is especially hilarious considering UFC president Dana White is an outspoken hater of football. He previously said:

“Soccer. Whole another ball game. Can’t stand soccer. I think that it’s the least talented sport on Earth. There’s a reason three year-olds can play soccer. You run around and kick a ball. Yeah, Landsburg said. You wouldn’t say that if you were Brazil. I said, Dude, I say this in every country, every. When you’re playing a game where the net is this big, right? And the score is 3-1?”

These comments quickly went viral and many mainstream sports stars disavowed White’s comments.

Professional tennis player Andy Murray and Arsenal defender Rob Holding have both joined the chorus of indignation directed at Dana White over his remarks about football.

The British tennis legend questioned the American version of football in a comment on Instagram, writing: “Isn’t the goal in American football slightly larger with no goalkeeper to protect it?”

The center-back for Arsenal chimed in, highlighting the complex talents needed by soccer players.

He wrote: “Least talented sport, you think of how long other sports, involving a ball, are in control/contact with the ball… A footballer has less than a second of contact with a ball to make it go a certain way, and oh yeah, that’s with their foot.”

Several more stars expressed their annoyance with Dana White. Ironically, the UFC recently partnered with Spain’s top soccer league La Liga to promote one other’s events.