Dana White modeled UFC walkouts after witnessing ‘Disrespectful’ Mike Tyson treatment in late 90s

In the realm of combat sports, UFC president Dana White has been a prominent figure. White’s influence is far-reaching, and his unfiltered thoughts on various aspects of the combat sports world often draw attention.

The focus of Dana White’s recent discourse was none other than the legendary boxing icon, Mike Tyson. In a sit-down interview, White delved into Tyson’s impact on combat sports and left no stone unturned in expressing his perspective.

A point of controversy that had previously irked White came to light once more as a particular interview clip resurfaced on social media.

In this clip, White seized the opportunity to shed light on Mike Tyson’s historic clash with Francois Botha. However, it wasn’t just the historic match that White addressed.

During the interview, White unveiled a fascinating revelation that underscores the very essence of the UFC. He shared, “I will tell you guys something fascinating. So! basically the way that the UFC is built was based on Mike Tyson’s walk in the match to that BMX song when he was coming back from the Francois Botha fight. So me being a huge…, I hated the fu*kin commentary on HBO boxing, it made me sick.”

He went on to say: “I used to literally watch HBO boxing in mute. Everybody’s buying the pay-per-view because you like Mike Tyson right. But for real boxing fans, Tyson walking in, in that Botha fight. The commentators are shit*ing on Mike. From the minute they start walking in until he steps into the ring. And I couldn’t fu*in stand those clowns.”

He said that because he disliked the commentary so much, he wanted to watch it without sound. While criticizing the commentary, White also revealed how Joe Rogan and the crew were instructed to deliver the remarks during production.

White said: “So, when we started building the commentary for UFC, you don’t ever see the commentators sh*t on the fighters.”