Dana White goes on Tucker Carlson to try pre-empt UFC boycot after Bud Light sponsorship

In the face of criticism, Dana White is defending the UFC’s partnership with Bud Light.

It was disclosed last month that the UFC and Anheuser-Busch had inked a multi-year contract for more than $100 million to make Bud Light the official beer of the UFC. This ignited a fervent debate within the combat sports community and beyond.

In a candid conversation with Tucker Carlson, White fervently defended the affiliation. He also urged American patriots to embrace Bud Light as their beverage of choice.

White stated: “If you consider yourself a patriot, you should be drinking gallons of Bud Light…You should have Bud Light drums stacked in your garage and drinking it right out of the keg. They are way more aligned with you than most of these other beer companies are. That I guarantee you. Take it from somebody who’s in the know, who does business with beer companies.”

White underlined Anheuser-Busch’s substantial contributions to the military and veterans, positioning it as a compelling reason for his staunch support. During a previous press conference, he highlighted Anheuser-Busch’s commendable track record of giving back to the nation’s heroes.

An ardent advocate for military and law enforcement, White commended Anheuser-Busch’s initiative as they invested even $44 million over several years. This initiative ensures the well-being of families of fallen first responders and military personnel, providing scholarships for their children.

He said: “Everything I said about Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light is absolutely true, I am a big military and law enforcement guy. They have this folds of honor where they’ve spent $44 million over the last however many years. Fallen first responders and military people, their families get taken care of with this money, scholarships for their kids, that is right up my alley.”

“Almost $1 billion a year goes to U.S. farmers for their crops and their products. That is right up my alley. That’s exactly who I am. 65,000 Americans are employed by Anheuser-Busch, and thousands of them are vets, right up my alley.”

In White’s perspective, his association with Anheuser-Busch transcends mere business dealings. He continued: “I can go on and tell you why I’m more aligned with Anheuser-Busch than any other beer company.”