Dana White doubles down on criticism of former employee turned Jake Paul partner – calls him a ‘Warlock’

Dana White certainly isn’t one to let go off a grudge easily. One of the reasons why White is currently wealthy enough that he can afford to shell out for $250,000 presents for strangers is due to how UFC had run its business upto 2016. In case you’re not familiar, UFC contracts are overreaching and are currently scrutinized by a class action lawsuit that a number of former athletes have going against the UFC.

UFC would aggressively auto extend contracts and prevent any marketable athletes from becoming free agents. While these clauses could’ve been used ad nauseam previously, UFC has curtailed the use in order to make their legal case better which is how Francis Ngannou and Nate Diaz are about to become free agents.

A lot of this happened while the Chief Financial officer in the organization was a man by the name of Nakisa Biderian. With the UFC sale in 2016, Bideraian departed the organization. In fact, many speculate that Dana White is more of a public face of the organization nowadays and that the man running the show behind the scenes is attorney Hunter Campbell who is one of the key figures in the promotion.

But regardless of his own position, White is still salty about Biderian teaming up with his vocal critic – youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul. While White has softened his stance on Paul ever since he lost several rounds in the court of public opinion he still can’t let go off commenting on Biderian.

In light of the recent cancellation of a Jake Paul bout, White gloated and questioned the promotion’s ability to sell out Madison Square Garden – a claim that has since been debunked by the arena itself.

But White hasn’t let go of the subject yet – and reiterated that Paul needs to find a seasoned boxing promoter as opposed to Biderian. During a visit to a boxing event earlier last night he told media:

“And then here’s the reality, you know? The warlock is not a f**king promoter. Okay, this guy is you know, he said had a quote the other day. I’m proud of him. You’re proud of him. What are yours f**king father? ”

“I bet he’s not proud of you. What did you f**kin do? Jake Paul needs to hook up with a real guy who can get s**t done. The warlock was a f**king countless and the warlock will save him a shitload of money on his taxes. Did you get about it? He needs to get a real f**king guy how long he should. I mean, if you look at all the greats that were out there from Don King, Bob Arum was a scumbag.”

” I f**king hate him, but he’s one of the all time greats but he wants to be. He’s done an olive branch thing. He doesn’t Oh, yeah, he wants to f**k him. He wants to, but I cannot deny he’s one of the all time greats.”

” You got Frank Warren, one of the all time greats, Eddie Hearn. You know there’s a lot of guys out there that would do the Jake Paul thing. Jake Paul needs to align himself with one of those guys and get away from the f**king Warlock. He’s a f**king accountant. Just because you worked at the UFC doesn’t mean you know how to put on f**king fire””