Dana White Bumps Performance Bonuses to $300k for UFC 300

UFC CEO Dana White has made a groundbreaking decision to provide six times the standard post-match bonuses for the upcoming UFC 300 event.

The demand was initially proposed by the UFC BMF champion Justin Gaethje during the UFC 300 media day. However, the call received unexpected support from his rival, Max Holloway.  Despite initial skepticism surrounding the feasibility of this proposal, Dana White surprised the UFC community by embracing the idea during a pre-UFC 300 press briefing.

During the press conference, Dana White and his team unveiled several unconventional changes planned for UFC 300. However, the most significant alteration announced was the acceptance of the 6x-elevated post-bout bonus demands. A public announcement from the official UFC account showcased the moment when Dana White officially agreed to fulfill Gaethje and Holloway’s request.

It seems like Gaethje, Holloway, and other competitors may be expressing gratitude towards the reporter who raised the bonus issue during the UFC 300 press conference. However, Dana White was initially uncertain regarding the appropriate bonus amount. However, he relied on the audience’s response to determine the figure before confirming his decision.

Justin Gaethje must be delighted by Dana White’s approval of his bonus request. But to claim the bonus , Gaethje must showcase peak performance. Given his impressive track record of earning 12 post-fight bonuses to date, the prospect of him securing the $300k bonus at UFC 300 seems plausible.

Justin Gaethje is an entertaining combatant. Every time he enters the octagon, he aims to finish his opponents. But his opponent Max Holloway is likewise renowned for putting on captivating matches.

With Holloway boasting 11 post-bout bonuses, the likelihood of their match being hailed as the ‘Fight of the Night’ is considerable.

With the prospect of earning a substantial $300k bonus in addition to their match purses, all UFC combatants participating in UFC 300 have a heightened incentive to deliver exceptional performances. However, Gaethje and Holloway emerge as frontrunners in this pursuit due to their captivating combat styles and impressive bonus track records.