Dana White admits it’s possible Jake Paul could sign with the UFC

UFC head honcho, Dana White, recently talked about the possibility of Jake Paul competing in the promotion. The 52-year-old confirmed that there is a possibility for the boxing star to have some sort of a limited deal.

Dana White appears to be smoothing things out with the youtuber following harsh call outs and a public relations war he was losing.

The two have been beefing ever since Paul made his transition into celebrity boxing.

Despite the call outs, the 25-year-old youtuber insists he has a plan for a multi-million dollar bout with Conor McGregor.

Recently, Dana White appeared on The Pivot podcast and revealed that Jake Paul could appear under the UFC banner:

White made it clear that he is not against the idea. He even admitted that he is vaguely interested by the idea.

“I would never say never. I don’t know, I mean, I look at it sometimes. And it’s kind of intriguing, but it kind of goes against what I do. I really do bring the best of the best in. I’ve tried to do a couple of those celebrity things with some WWE guys. Some worked. Some didn’t. But I wouldn’t say no. I did Mayweather/McGregor when I said I would never do it.” White said.