Dana White adamant to make the UFC happen at The Las Vegas Sphere: The greatest live combat sports experience anybody has ever seen

In recent weeks, the Las Vegas MSG Sphere has become the talk of the town. UFC CEO Dana White seems to be a big fan as well, as he is singing its praises.

White disclosed last week that he’s contemplating hosting next year’s Mexican Independence Day card at The Sphere. He was really taken aback by the experience after visiting the location this past weekend with Tom Brady.

White stated: “I’m obsessed…. I’ve been talking to MSG every day since. The experience was amazing It’s special. It’s incredible. So, yes, I have been torturing them since I left on Saturday.”

“I literally had my secretary call and make a a Zoom meeting with them again today.. This Sphere is a whole nother level, and basically, in my opinion, I don’t run the sphere and it’s not my company, but it’s so good that for the first at least year they should do nothing but incredible experiences.”

White is now committed to delivering “the greatest live combat sports experience anybody has ever seen” at The Sphere.

Since its inauguration, The Sphere has garnered glowing reviews from all attendees. However, there has been some pushback from concertgoers regarding steep concession prices and the cost of parking in close proximity to the venue.

It is hoped that by the time the UFC stages an event at The Sphere, the pricing concerns will have been effectively addressed.

Recently, there has been news of Conor McGregor entering the USADA testing pool for his apparent return at UFC 300 next year.

When asked about it in a press conference, White replied: “I literally have nothing planned with Conor McGregor right now. The [USADA] paperwork is being submitted, we’ll play it by ear, see how things work out – there’s still a lot of things that need to happen, as far as fights go. And then we’ll decide where he’s gonna land.”