‘Dad bod role model’ – Watch 265-pound Chandler Cole land stunning spinning back-heel kick

Never judge a book by its cover. That can be said for this heavyweight fighter that pulled off an impressive spinning back-heel kick despite his ‘dad bod’.

Heavyweight fighter Chandler Cole was stealing the show when he faced Jordan Heiderman at the Ultimate Fighter 30 quarterfinal. The pair fought in a two rounds exhibition bout tournament in hopes of winning a UFC contract.

Cole was set to fight the undefeated Heidermanfor a ticket to the semifinal.

During the first round, out of nowhere, Cole landed an impressive spinning back heel-kick that sent Heiderman crashing into the cage. He then tried to go forward in order to secure avictory with a barrage of follow-up punches.

However, Cole entered the bout with a UCL  tear(Ulnar Collateral Ligament) in his elbow, which severely limited his power. Thank to the handicap, Heiderman survived the storm and rallied back to even the score.

At the end of the fight, the judges scored the bout even, which means the two had to fight for another five minutes to determine the winner. Unfortunately for Cole, Heiderman successfully secured the last round to win the fight.

Following the fight, UFC President Dana White voiced his disagreement with the decision.

“I didn’t agree with the judges. I didn’t think that this should have gone to a third round. But it happens so what’re you going to do?”

“At least in The Ultimate Fighter you have an opportunity to go out there, dig deep, and try and make it to the semis.”

But for Cole, despite losing the bout and his ticket to the semifinal, he was proud of his performance. ‘The Hammer’ took to Twitter to share his reaction, claiming himself as “the role model of all dad bods”.

“Well… didn’t get the win, but at least I’m a role model for all dad bods around the world.”

Even though he failed in his campaign in the reality show, credits to Cole for entertaining us with his performance and we wish him luck in his future MMA career.