Cyril Gane responds to Khabib’s offer to train in Dagestan: “Complicated”

Following Jon Jones’ return to the UFC, the heavyweight division rankings have shifted, leaving Cyril Gane in a tough spot.

However, Gane’s loss has not only affected his ranking, but it has also shed light on his subpar wrestling skills.

In response to this, Khabib Nurmagomedov invited Gane to come to his home country of Dagestan for  training.

“Cyril Gane come to Dagestan brother. You have to come to Dagestan, stay there one and a half, two years, learn about wrestling.”

“He have to come Dagestan, stay there, learn how to wrestle, learn how to defend because France…where is France and where is wrestling? It’s like big difference. We have a lot of heavyweights who can wrestle with him.”

While Gane has admitted that his wrestling skills have been a hindrance to his performances, he humbly declined Nurmagomedov’s invitation due to the potential strain it would put on his relationship with his family.

“But to stay in Dagestan, for a year or two, guys is going to be complicated with a woman and child…but in all honesty it’s something that I would really like, to improve my offensive and defensive skills in wrestling.”

Gane is neither here nor there. UFC’s still high on him and Dana White even went so far as to say he thought Gane would’ve defeated Ngannou if it weren’t for that heel hook attempt.

Overnight news surfaced that UFC is exploring a return to Paris. Last year, Gane headlined a monumental first ever event in France against Tai Tuivasa. Considering Paris is also where the HQ of Venum is it’s all the more likely.

Fernand Lopez went so far as to say he believes September return is likely for the UFC.