Crossover era begins? UFC’s Michael Chandler cuts a McGregor promo at WWE’s RAW

Michael Chandler seized the spotlight during his Monday night appearance at WWE’s RAW event in Anaheim, California. The event took place on February 19, 2024.

The charismatic lightweight contender made the most of his mic time, leaving quite a mark on the audience.

As the Anaheim crowd roared, Chandler took center stage and addressed the audience with an electrifying energy. “What’s up Anaheim!” he screamed, capturing the crowd’s attention. “You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet!”

Without hesitation, Chandler directed his words towards Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor. Expressing his impatience, he exclaimed: “Hey, now there’s a man from Ireland that’s been making me wait for way too long, and I still got one dude on my mind. Conor McGregor, get your candy a*s back to the Octagon! We got some unfinished business boys! God bless, and I’ll see you at the top!”

Chandler and McGregor were both coaches on the last season of TUF reality series. The two have been linked to a showdown since at least February 2023. However, the much-anticipated match-up has faced repeated delays.

According to Dana White, McGregor’s return is uncertain. On the other hand, the Irishman insists on a match as soon as possible. This ongoing disagreement means Chandler will have to wait on the sidelines, eagerly awaiting resolution.

Despite the delay in his desired bout, Chandler finds purpose in this collaboration between UFC and WWE under TKO Group Holdings, Inc. Such crossovers, where athletes step into each other’s realms to promote matchups could become a trend in the future.

Michael Chandler’s bold call-out to Conor McGregor has added a new chapter to their ongoing saga. Fans are eagerly waiting for McGregor’s comeback as his hiatus has been quite long. Also, the collaboration between UFC and WWE offers contenders an unique platform. This shows the potential for more exciting crossovers between the two promotions.