Cristiano Ronaldo helped broker Ngannou vs. Fury

Francis Ngannou’s recent victory in securing a lucrative offer to face heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has taken the MMA community by storm. However, there’s a captivating detail behind the scenes that led to this remarkable matchup.

The massive eight-figure deal for the match with Tyson Fury can be attributed to an unexpected meeting between Francis Ngannou and football legend Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this year. During a visit to Saudi Arabia, Ngannou had the chance to spend time with Ronaldo. This encounter proved to be a game-changer.

The meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo served as a pivotal ice-breaker with officials in the United Kingdom. It laid the foundation for discussions and negotiations that eventually led to the fruition of the much-anticipated boxing bout.

The MMA world saw pictures of Francis Ngannou and Cristiano Ronaldo together, sparking curiosity and excitement. Talking about the footballer’s influence on the fight with Fury, Ngannou acknowledged: “Yes, that’s where it [the talks of the fight] started in that moment.”

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Ngannou expressed his admiration for Ronaldo’s extensive knowledge of the sport, saying: “I’ve been following Cristiano for the past, maybe 17 years. And then, you know, to get to meet him in person and find out that he is a huge fan of the sport and he’s watched us fight… Very impressive! You know, to get someone like Cristiano Ronaldo knowing the game, knowing you or what you are doing, is pretty cool.”

Former UFC heavyweight champion Conor McGregor weighed in on Francis Ngannou’s boxing match against Tyson Fury. While some fans and experts may have doubts about Ngannou’s chances of winning, McGregor believes “anything could happen” in the ring. He also pointed out Fury’s inactivity following his knockout victory over Derek Chisora in their last trilogy bout.

Talking to Adam Glyn in an interview, he said: “I’m interested, let’s see how it goes. I’ve not heard much about it, but I’m happy for Ngannou, fair play to him. What weight is Tyson? Is he in shape? Anything can happen in there, so I wish them both well and I’m excited to see it.”