Cris Cyborg reacts to Jake Paul Diss Track: “It’s a lot of Courage”

Last week everyone was shocked when Jake Paul dropped an actually interesting Dana White diss track. Previously Paul had engaged in light social media banter with the UFC boss – a banter that mostly led nowhere considering that both sides were making bombastic statements far removed from reality.

But since then – White had stopped responding given the backlash over fighter pay he was facing thanks to Francis Ngannou’s apt management and Paul had no choice but to take it a step further.

The opening sequence of the video included a welcome edition – professional MMA fighter Cris Cyborg. Cyborg had long been outspoken about White and had had public clashes with the UFC brass culminating in her getting released from the promotion. Ever since the UFC made this decision the featherweight division had been struggling – it’s basically nonexistent.

In an episode of the podcast Cyborg features on her channel alongside MMA journalist James Lynch, Cyborg commented about her appearance on Jake Paul’s diss track.

“I’ve had a lot of things in the song that I did not agree with”  Women’s Bellator Featherweight champion added. “But a lot of things I agree with, for example, long-term healthcare is very important for the fighters.”

“I got in a position in my career because I started to stand up. For defending fighters. And for that, people penalized me.”

“Sometimes people would listen to me and say ‘it’s just a complaint’, no! It’s for the better for the sport and for the better of all fighters.”

“It’s nice how he (Jake Paul) stands up for fighters, how he talks about fighter pay, health care issues… I think it’s very good”

“It’s a lot of courage.” Cyborg continued. “A lot of fighters cannot say anything, but for sure a lot of people listened to this music and they agree with a lot of things.”

If you’d like to check out the entire transcript for Jake Paul’s diss track, you can check it out here.

Cyborg then commented on the possibility of fighting in Logan Paul’s next Boxing event.

She recently went on Twitter to ask for a spot to fight in the celebrity boxing event.

Written in Portuguese, the MMA Champion said:

“If you’re planning on having a women’s fight in the event, you count me in. I’m ready to fight”.

Logan accepted a challenge from Brazilian YouTuber and fellow celebrity-boxer Whiderson Nunes, but the fight hasn’t been confirmed yet.