Cris Cyborg joins Cejudos’ camp & blocks Kayla Harrison

Henry Cejudo’s training center is the next huge team in the world of MMA. The newest addition to Henry Cejudo’s camp turns out to be Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion Cris Cyborg.

Cris Cyborg posted a picture on Twitter today. In the photo, she is seen standing next to Henry Cejudo in a gym with the caption:  “Leveling up! @BellatorMMA @HenryCejudo
Fight News Soon! @arielhelwani”

This news didn’t sit well with Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and MMA fighter Kayla Harrison.  Harrison has been in a war of words with Cris Cyborg for a while now.

“He cant save you. One gold medal Havin ass. @HenryCejudo” – Harrison Tweeted.

This exchange led to Cris Cyborg blocking Kayla Harrison on Twitter.

In response, Kayla tweeted,” Dang it. I went too far. Cris please fight me! I won’t use judo just wrestling.” And posted a screenshot that proves she was blocked by Cyborg.

Cyborg immediately replied, in spite of having blocked Kayla, by saying. “No. I remember Ronda use to mention my name but NEVER really wanted to fight me. You remind me Ronda.”

This is not the first time Cyborg has compared Kayla Harrison to Ronda Rousey.
In an interview with, Cyborg said:

“I believe Kayla is just doing like Ronda Rousey was doing in the beginning. I was a champion in Strikeforce, and Ronda started talking about me and all that because people didn’t know who she is at that point. So I think that she’s just following the things that Ronda did in the beginning, she’s just in the beginning too,”

Kayla and Cyborg have been wanting to fight each other for a long time now but since Cyborg is signed with Bellator and Kayla previously being signed with PFL made it almost impossible for them to fight each other. However, as Kayla Harrison is now a free agent, Bellator offered Harrison a deal that was ultimately matched by PFL. Cyborg responded to the news with three side-eye emojis on Twitter.

In response, a frustrated Kayla Harrison issued a fiery response
“Hey @criscyborg @ me if you have something to say. I’m so sick of this shit. @AmericanTopTeam’s addy is 5750 sr 7 coconut creek fl. I’m there 6 days a week.”
Kayla Harrison (12-0) hasn’t signed with any promotion yet but if she signs with Bellator, she’ll get an immediate title shot against the featherweight champ Cris Cyborg and it will be a huge fight in women’s MMA history.