Counting down 4 most gruesome cuts that happened in 2022 in UFC

We’ve seen some truly bloody bouts throughout the UFC’s history. 2022 was no different as we saw some gruesome cuts and gashes as mixed martial artists were busted open left, right and center.

The following are the contenders for the worst in 2022
Gregory Rodrigues

In his bout with Chidi Njokuani at UFC Apex, Gregory got what fans have labeled the worst cut in UFC history.

The Brazillian middleweight had his forehead opened in the first round. He faced a knee between his eyes by Chidi and the crowd thought it was over.

But Rodrigues powered through. He turned the fight around in the second round and got Njokuani to the ground. He found his solid points and flowed his strengths in a rhythm. He left the octagon as the victor with a cool $50,000 bonus.

Song Yadong

Next is Song Yadong, who fought against Cory Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 60. Early on in the fight, Sandhagen opened up Yadong’s head with an elbow.

Although Song kept on going, his forehead and eye started swelling significantly. Thus Cory was awarded a TKO win at the end of the fourth round. Due to a ringside physicist not allowing Song to continue fighting.

In an interview, Cory Sandhagen said: “I hate that it ended that way,”

He continued “I think he deserved a fifth round. I wanted to see the fifth round. I wanted to see the scorecards to see if I was winning or not. That’s what I care about is winning. I won.”

T.J Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw fought Cory Sandhagen at UFC Vegas 32. Early on in the fight, Cory awarded T.J. a left hand which immediately busted his eye open. The fight was on the verge of stopping until the ringside doctor gave him the green light to continue.

Dillashaw continued with an impaired vision and turned things around. He was not only awarded a split decision win, but also his cut was fixed with just a few stitches.

Joel Alvarez

Joel Alvarez faced Arman Tsarukyan at UFC Vegas 49. Alvarez was receiving some serious blows, including a vicious elbow to his nose.

Alvarez started bleeding as soon as Tsarukyan hit his nose with an elbow. Although his cutman tried his best between rounds, It was too late as Tsarukyan was aiming right at his nose. At the end, the referee was forced to step in.

Tsarukyan was looking to win his 5th fight in a row, and he did just that in 1 minute and 57 seconds.