Cormier get slammed for sloppy commentary during UFC 300

The latest edition of UFC, UFC 300, showcased an electrifying display of talent and tenacity on April 13th at the renowned T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Among the myriad of captivating matchups, the lightweight clash between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje stood out as a highlight, capturing the fervent attention of MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

In this eagerly awaited bout for the prestigious BMF belt, Holloway and Gaethje engaged in a riveting five-round encounter, characterized by relentless action and strategic prowess. As the dust settled, Holloway emerged victorious, his masterful striking proving too much for Gaethje to handle.

The pinnacle of the match arrived mere moments before the final bell, as Holloway, renowned for his calculated aggression, beckoned Gaethje to the center of the octagon for a decisive exchange. Despite his commanding lead on the scorecards, Holloway’s determination to assert dominance was unwavering.

Gaethje, recognizing the opportunity to sway the outcome in his favor, eagerly accepted the challenge, leading to an exhilarating exchange of blows. Ultimately, it was Holloway who emerged triumphant, delivering a decisive blow that sent Gaethje crashing to the canvas mere seconds before the final buzzer.

Regarded by many as one of the most thrilling encounters in UFC history, the bout between Holloway and Gaethje continues to reverberate within the MMA community. However, amidst the excitement, criticism arose concerning the commentary provided by Daniel Cormier.

During a pivotal moment in the match, when Holloway executed a spinning wheel kick, Cormier made a controversial assertion, suggesting that the maneuver was a recent addition to Holloway’s repertoire. This assertion puzzled viewers, as Holloway has, in fact, employed the spinning wheel kick on numerous occasions throughout his illustrious career.

Notably, Holloway showcased his proficiency with the technique as far back as 2014, when he utilized it to great effect against Will Chope. Therefore, Cormier’s commentary misstep not only detracted from the viewing experience but also misrepresented Holloway’s established skill set.

While UFC 300 delivered a spectacle worthy of its anticipation, the controversy surrounding Daniel Cormier’s commentary serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate and informed analysis in enhancing the viewer’s appreciation of the sport. As MMA enthusiasts continue to dissect the events of that memorable evening, Holloway’s dominance and Cormier’s commentary blunder will undoubtedly remain topics of fervent discussion.