Controversial academia star Jordan Peterson applauds Renato Moicano’s speech at UFC 300

Renato Moicano showcased his dominance once again, extending his winning streak to three with a second-round TKO triumph over Jalin Turner at UFC 300. In the aftermath of the match, the No.13-ranked lightweight seized the moment to deliver a powerful message.

“I love private property, and let me tell you something, if you care about your f**king country, read Ludwig Von Mises and the 6 lessons of the Austrian Economic School, motherf*kers!”

Presenter of the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast John Vallis shared a clip of the moment.

Author and psychologist Jordan Peterson responded to it, saying: “This is unspeakably great”

He went on to say: “What a world. The satirists are Christian; the left shills for Big Pharma; and the deadly boxers have become profound economic philosophers.”

When Moicano learned of Peterson’s remarks, he replied to it by saying: “I can not believe Jordan Peterson the man himself retweeted this!!! Thank you so much doctor Peterson 🫡”

In another tweet, he wrote: “What a f**king world”

Since UFC 281, Moicano’s victories have not only boosted his popularity but also provided a platform for his insightful speeches after the match. Following his win over Brad Riddell, he vocalized his aspirations for financial growth. Moreover after defeating Drew Dober at UFC Fight Night 235, he expressed his admiration for the United States and his ambition to attain citizenship.

Jalin Turner’s strategic error during the match drew attention as he prematurely assumed victory after dropping Moicano in the first round. Turner’s decision not to pursue a finish proved costly as he ultimately succumbed to a second-round TKO defeat.

Reflecting on Turner’s blunder, Moicano said: “Joke is on him… I think he was scared of my jiu-jitsu, my brother. He knows that if he jumped [in my guard], he would get submitted… He’s good and I knew that the range would be a hard aspect of the fight because he’s like 6’3… He has a lot of power, very good striker. I’m just better than him and I proved [that] today.”

Despite Turner’s physical advantages, Moicano asserted his superiority and highlighted his proficiency in various aspects of combat.