Conor McGregor trolled by fans after showing support for the LGBTQ+ community

UFC superstar Conor MCGregor recently expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community in an Instagram post. Fans flooded the comment section with their complaints afterwards.

Rainbow flags were flown outside McGregor’s The Black Forge Inn as part of the celebrations for “Pride Month.” The former UFC two-division champion uploaded a video of his bar’s outside and wrote:

“Love lives at @theblackforgeinn. Bring your love for the best food and drink!”

However, many of McGregor’s fans disapproved of his action. Several fans expressed their unhappiness with McGregor by making derogatory comments on his photo.

The Instagram user @d_harteveld requested McGregor to take down the decorations. Meanwhile, a McGregor supporter who goes by the handle @orakkt politely expressed his disagreement with the position taken by the MMA superstar.

Another person who goes under the handle @bulwarrofficial said that he is no longer a McGregor fan. Additionally, @trainningmind brought out how McGregor’s advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community conflicts with his Catholic views.

Meanwhile, Instagram user @antonkasabov thinks McGregor was forced to participate in ‘Pride Month’ The Irishman, according to him, “sold out to the woke mob.”

The remarks weren’t all harsh and derogatory, either. Some commentators sent love and clapping emojis to express their agreement with McGregor’s views.

On the other hand, Jorge Masvidal attempted to lay the groundwork to prepare for a prospective fight with Conor McGregor. The former two-time UFC welterweight championship contender stated the following in an interview with NFT and the social athlete token platform Blockasset:

“I obviously want to smash Conor’s face before this guy overdoses on cocaine and the war doesn’t happen and I can’t get all that easy money. Before the boy damages himself or anyone else, let’s take that money out, get it out of the way, and sell out the ones who pay the most if they look. Due to the fact that I have children, I just went ‘boom’ and received the check. I’m in desperate need of cash.”