Conor McGregor talks channeling Arnie in Terminator for his ‘birthday’ suit scene

Conor McGregor’s Entrance into Film Sparks Interest – Exclusive Interview Uncovers Unexpected Insight

The MMA fighter’s inaugural film appearance in the remake of ‘Road House’ unveils more than just action. McGregor’s playful jest about his ‘birthday’ suit scene hints at intriguing behind-the-scenes details.

Conor McGregor’s leap into the world of cinema at the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, has ignited curiosity. In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, McGregor shared his light-hearted concern regarding his mother’s reaction to his bold scene. “I just hope my mother’s okay with it,” he quipped. “I didn’t tell her, I couldn’t tell her.”

Drawing inspiration from legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unconventional debut in ‘The Terminator,’ McGregor embraced the challenge with confidence. “Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the movie business in a similar manner… that kind of gave me a bit of confidence,” McGregor revealed. “I’ll do it. I don’t mind.”

The ‘Road House’ remake, premiering on Prime Video on March 21, presents a modern take on the 1989 classic. Starring McGregor alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, the film demanded rigorous physical preparation. Gyllenhaal’s intensive workout regimen to embody the character parallels McGregor’s dedication to his role.

Reflecting on his experience, McGregor highlighted the personal significance of one particular scene requiring him to tap into his “free spirit.” “I just got into just going naked and walking through the street — that was it,” he shared confidently. “I’m a free spirit. I was in good shape, so I have no problem with it.”

Despite McGregor’s natural confidence, the filmmaking process posed challenges. McGregor acknowledged the demanding nature of the craft, gaining newfound respect for the industry’s intricacies. “I was taken aback by how hard it is and had a deep respect for the craft,” he admitted.

In a parallel revelation, Gyllenhaal shared insights into his preparation for the film, emphasizing the collaborative effort involved in achieving the desired physique and performance. Acknowledging the support of his dedicated team, Gyllenhaal praised the collective effort that sculpted his role in ‘Road House.’

As the anticipation builds for the film’s release on Prime Video, McGregor and Gyllenhaal’s candid interviews offer a glimpse into the dedication and passion driving their performances. ‘Road House’ promises not only thrilling action but also a testament to the commitment of its cast and crew.

Witness McGregor’s cinematic debut and Gyllenhaal’s transformative performance in ‘Road House,’ streaming exclusively on Prime Video from March 21.