Conor McGregor says he’d be open to boxing the ‘YouTuber nerds’

In a surprising statement, former UFC champion Conor McGregor said he would be willing to box popular YouTubers and influencers in boxing matches.

“Yeah, you know, the YouTuber nerds could be like, you know, I would consider that a mixer,” McGregor said in a rambling interview posted online.

McGregor seemed to view YouTube stars and influencers getting into boxing as taking on “side jobs” similar to contractors doing home renovations for extra money. He called these celebrity boxing matches “another little world.”

The Irish star, who is reportedly in talks to box aging legend Mike Tyson in an exhibition, said “I’m open for it. I’ll never say no” when it comes to facing YouTuber boxers.

Several popular YouTubers like Jake Paul and KSI have crossed over into professional boxing in recent years, fighting each other and former UFC fighters. McGregor referenced both Paul and KSI, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, in his comments.

“If I was to pick one out of my problem, KSI has a big name in the UK,” McGregor said, seemingly indicating he’d be interested in facing the British YouTuber.

While the level of competition in influencer boxing has been widely mocked, the events have drawn huge pay-per-view audiences. That lucrative payday may be appealing for McGregor to consider taking on a “YouTuber nerd” in the ring.

These comments come on the wings of contentious negotiations with the UFC. McGregor reportedly has two bouts left on his contract, and the same sunsetting clause that allowed for Nate Diaz to finish out his contract should be in place.

As the biggest star of the promotion, they’re certainly trying to prove their point. While McGregor has been a company man for the most part, even going so far as to question Ngannou for leaving the promotion his patience seems to be wearing thin.