Conor McGregor posts cheeky response to Topuria call out: “I have huge b*lls, I’ve 4 kids.”

Ilia Topuria is now the newly crowned featherweight champion. He recently made headlines with his daring callout to Conor McGregor, creating ripples of excitement in the MMA community.

Eager to make a resounding statement, the new champ extended a direct challenge to McGregor in his homeland of Spain.

With enthusiasm, he declared: “Hey Dana [White], Hunter [Campbell], it’s showtime. It’s time to take the UFC to Spain. Conor McGregor, if you still have some b*lls, I will be waiting for you in Spain.”

Known for his sharp tongue and dramatic flair, McGregor responded to Topuria’s challenge under an Instagram post shared by Sportscenter.

He boldly stated: “I have huge b*lls, I’ve 4 kids.”

Fans swiftly reacted to McGregor’s response, expressing skepticism about his ability to meet the featherweight limit of 145 pounds:

“These b*lls can’t make 145.”

“He’d never make 145 again lol”

“He’s fought khabib I doubt he’s scared but he would def die to make that weight”

“The amount of juice connor’s taken that man can’t even sniff 145💀”

Despite Topuria’s callout, it appears McGregor is more inclined towards higher-weight classes. He is considering a potential matchup against Michael Chandler in the middleweight division.

McGregor has been absent from the featherweight division for an extended period. With his physical changes over the years and recent inactivity, a return to that division seems unlikely.

Dana White’s Insight on McGregor’s Absence and Financial Complications
UFC President Dana White shed light on Conor McGregor’s prolonged absence, attributing it to “money complications” during the UFC 298 press conference. Despite McGregor’s eagerness to return after his 2021 injury, negotiations and scheduling are being delayed due to his financial success and recent film commitments.

White said: “Conor McGregor’s got a lot of money, and anytime we get Conor, we’ll be happy, know, be thrilled when he comes and fights. But money complicates a lot of things. He just filmed a movie. He’s got to do the press for the movie, and he’s got obligations with that, and he does want to fight this year, but we’ll see what happens.”

Regarding a potential contract renegotiation, White remained noncommittal but praised McGregor’s past partnership with the promotion.

He said: “Conor McGregor has always been a great partner to us. There’s never any hanging out and haggling for money… When it’s time to dig in and get to work and make money, he’s probably the most incredible partner we’ve ever had, to be honest.”