Conor McGregor launches rant at rapper after political dispute

Renowned UFC figure Conor McGregor found himself embroiled in a controversial verbal altercation with Northern Irish rapper Scott Moore.

This altercation stemmed from McGregor’s recent foray into Irish politics, catalyzed by his outspoken comments following a tragic incident in Dublin. McGregor’s expression of concern over the stabbing of three children and a school care assistant ignited a series of riots in the city.

Following the city’s riots, McGregor’s social media posts are now being looked at by authorities for potentially inciting hate.

Amidst the uproar, Scott Moore emerged as one of the voices critical of McGregor’s statements, branding him as “profoundly stupid.” This critique led to a heated exchange between the two through a rap battle, escalating the tensions.

McGregor resorted to mocking Moore for a skin condition he suffers from. On the other hand, Moore retaliated by referencing a controversial image of McGregor wearing a poppy at a 2013 UFC event.

McGregor said: “Look at you, little freak. Putting in your little ugly red boiled nose in from across the border. Stay out of your politics it’s got nothing to do with you. You’re a weirdo bro, you’re not well. Tell your father on that border I said his son is not well. Get help, go to a f****ng doctor or something.”

He clarified his past action of wearing the poppy, attributing it to being unaware of its significance at a UK event and asserting it was not a deliberate political statement.

“Talking about the f****ng poppy from 10 years ago. I was 23 years of age at a UK event. I got handed a poppy and didn’t know what it was under the guise. It was a temperance for all soldiers who died in the war, including the Irish. I looked at the thing unbeknownst and thought it would go well with my suit.”

“Would I wear it now? No. I am upset I wore it then? No. First of all chill lad, you’re bleeding from your head. Your nose is akin to a clown. I respond back to you and you pull out a medical sheet. You’re a little orange c*nt from across the border, piss off mate. God bless.”

Then, McGregor bragged about defeating Moore in their rap battle and hinted at his potential interest in the presidency of Ireland.

He said: “Is he itchy? is he scratchy? No he scabs the rappy, he raps with red raw live angry scabs and he doesn’t give a f*** that I’m just a new dad. I suggested Sudocrem I wasn’t trying to be mean, then he comes back at me with his medical screen. He’s not well he has conditions, to support the disabled is his ambition. That’s bravo fair play, not what can I say.”