Conor McGregor cautions MMA stars not to copy Jake Paul

MMA icon Conor McGregor has cautioned competitors from imitating Jake Paul, saying that doing so is “hollow” and that they should aspire higher.

Ever since Jake Paul ventured into boxing, he has encountered a wave of criticism. Many critics have dismissed his achievements. Despite being a UFC luminary, McGregor has given his opinion in this discourse.

McGregor was initially hesitant to indulge in Jake’s banter. However, his stance has evolved over time.

McGregor has branded Jake and his brother Logan as ‘dingbats.’ He has even directly confronted Jake on multiple occasions.

McGregor now cautions budding contenders  against emulating Jake’s journey and morphing into “YouTube boxers.” Instead, he advocates for them to aspire to higher goals.

Addressing young athletes, McGregor talked about it with James Corden on the This Life Of Mine show. He said: “For me, it does set a bad precedent in the industry because what you’ve got now is — and I would say this to the young athletes coming up, men and women: Don’t aspire to be one of these YouTuber fighters. Aspire for world titles. That is how you etch your name in history.”

McGregor asserts that while pursuing fame through platforms like YouTube may garner attention and superficial validation, it lacks substance.

He continued: “It’s hollow. It can be profitable, but it’s hollow. And I’m noticing a trend in young fighters coming up that are not even interested in competing in the amateur scene or rising up to win a national title. You need the gold on the waist. You need to etch your name on the belt.”

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Jake talk back against McGregor in the future, despite the fact that he is preparing to face Mike Tyson in July.

In a sport where legacy is defined by championship belts and accolades, McGregor’s criticism carries weight. Aspiring contenders must set their sights on substantial achievements rather than fleeting fame.