Conor McGregor arrested for Dangerous Driving, Bentley confiscated

The infamous UFC superstar Conor McGregor got into a legally problematic situation last night. The Irish sportstar was arrested for reckless driving back in his home country of Ireland.

According to a report from the Irish Independent, on Tuesday night Conor McGregor was driving his $185,000 Bentley Continental GT on a street in Dublin, Ireland. The 33-year-old Irish athlete was arrested for alleged road traffic violations by the Garda, Ireland’s police force.



After McGregor was arrested, he underwent tests to see if he was intoxicated – he was not. He was soon released. ‘The Notorious’ was charged with dangerous driving and is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing next month. The court will take place at the Blanchardstown district in Dublin. McGregor faces up to 6 months in jail and a €5,000 ($5,500) fine.

Conor McGregor spokesperson Karen Kessler explained what transpired:

“Mr. McGregor was driving to the gym when he was stopped by the Garda (Irish police) for alleged road traffic violations.” Karen Kessler told ESPN

Conor McGregor is not new to breaking the law and legal controversies. Back in 2017, McGregor exceeded the speed limit in Rathcoole, County Dublin. He pleaded guilty and was fined €400. In 2018, McGregor also pleaded guilty to speeding. He was fined €1000 and banned from driving for six months.

And those are just a few small legal controversies the Irish man has amounted over the years. In the following years, Conor McGregor was involved in many more controversial incidents including assaulting an older man at a bar, investigation for sexual assault and the famous bus incident prior to UFC 223.