Boxing World Champion Drops ‘Diss Track’ On Jake Paul

More and more professional fighters are aiming for the celebrity boxer, Jake Paul. After all Paul has proven himself as a lucrative boxer. Three-time cruiserweight boxing world champion Mairis Briedis recently decided to do his best to entice Jake Paul into boxing him. The ‘Latvian’ dropped a diss track on Jake Paul to call him out for a fight.

This comes after Briedis tattooed his left thigh with ‘JAKE’S BAD KARMA’ in an attempt to attract the youtuber’s attention. The act is similar to what Tyron Woodley was asked to do to have a rematch with Jake Paul. Briedis hoped that Jake Paul would be interested in fighting him. The sad truth is that the social media megastar did not even address it.

Mairis Briedis hasn’t given up yet. This time, the ‘Latvian’ posted a ‘diss track’ on social media to call out Jake Paul. In the one minute video, Briedis can be seen wearing a t-shirt with the same tattoo that he put on his left thigh.

Here are the lyrics:

– Hey, Jake, how about a real men’s fight? I will put my belts on the table, do you want to take a bite?

Looks like you’re scared, you little b*tch boy. Kid, pick up the phone and put down your toys. Looks like you have little monkey balls, only hanging around with p*rn hub dolls.

Oh I’m sorry, I guess that was your girl? She’s trying to find your nuts like a little squirrel. I promise I will shut your dirty little mouth.

I will play with you one round and then I will knock you out. I will show the world that your fights were set up and I will punch you so hard you won’t be able to get up. Just don’t get up, Jake. Jake, you won’t be able to get up. —


Mairis Briedis was undefeated for 23 fights until Oleksander Usyk broke his win streak in 2018. Briedis just retained his IBF and The Ring cruiserweight titles from Artur Mann in October last year. Now, The 37-year-old boxer targeted a unification clash with Lawrence Okolie. Briedis has a total of professional boxing score consisting of 28 wins and 1 losses.