Colby Covington’s police interview reporting Jorge Masvidal assault leaks online

Covington outwrestled Masvidal at UFC 272 back in March.  But the two didn’t bury the hatchet afterwards.

The infamous incident started after Covington got or had custom made a belt that had ‘King of Miami’ on it.

Nelk boys posted a picture of Covington along with King of Miami belt

Covington then spent some time with the Nelk boys. One of the, then hosts, of the Ful send podcast leaked their location on instagram story.

One of those postings provoked Jorge Masvidal into going to a hotspot they were at and instigating an altercation with Covington.

Covington reported damage to his Rolex watch as well as his tooth.

While Masvidal maintains innocence now, he had made a story that same night implying he had chipped Covington’s tooth over the comments he made about his kids.

Covington phoned the police right away and submitted a report.

Masvidal surrendered and was taken into custody by Miami Beach police on March 23.

A pre-trial hearing for Masvidal is scheduled on February 15 and a trial is scheduled for February 27.

If Masvidal is found guilty he can face up to 15 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine for the second-degree felony aggravated battery.

Covington has been staying out of the spotlight. At the time he was slammed by a number of prominent MMA athletes and personalities over the decision to get the police enforcement officers involved.

“As soon as we walk out like a bunch of people kind of bombard us. They wanted pictures. A couple of people were asking me to sign gloves. Like I signed like four or five different gloves from like three or four different fans. And like I get punched in the mouth real quick and kind of get dizzed up and it’s Jorge Masvidal: ‘You shouldn’t have f**king talked about my kids'”

“Yes, I do have a history of knowing this person. I lived with him for two years and we were training partners for eight years. We were very close friends. We literally trained together every single day. We were best friends. Obviously, I just fought this individual two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada for the UFC on their Pay-Per-View, and I beat him easily.”

“He chipped my front tooth and knocked it out.”

“So the reference to the kids is in our last fight, the build up at the press conference, I said, Hey, you’re a deadbeat dad. You don’t talk to your kids. So I still talked to his ex-wife and his baby mama. I’m still close with the family and I still like the kids.”

“And I was being honest. I said the honest truth. I know it’s fight promotion. Anything kind of goes when you’re trying to sell fight. But I said the truth. I just said, Hey, why don’t you talk to your kids?”


Victim protection laws are the reason for Covington’s face being blurred in the bodycam recording.

And now the audio of Covington’s conversation with the police got leaked online. Covington details: