Colby Covington sells Fox news on Donald Trump conspiracy theory to justify UFC loss

UFC welterweight Colby Covington attributed his recent defeat against Leon Edwards at UFC 296 to a controversial conspiracy theory involving former US President Donald Trump.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Covington suggested that his unwavering support for Trump might have led to his defeat. He asserted that the judges were seemingly biased against the ex-president and favored his opponent Edwards.

Covington claimed to have had more pivotal moments in the match versus Edwards. He also said that he was not happy with the judges’ ruling. He said:

“I think they stacked the deck against us because they don’t want us people to have control over this country again. That’s what Trump stands for, he stands for democracy and freedom. They’re going to do everything they can to keep us down from shadowbanning us online even if we’re saying the truth.”

Further emphasizing his position, Covington added:

“If it’s in a judging position in a fight or athletic sporting event they’re going to stack the deck against us to keep us down.”

When questioned about the upcoming elections and his foremost concern, Covington stressed the significance of a fair electoral process. He accused the Democratic Party of employing “dirty tricks” to manipulate the electoral system.

Viewing Trump as a defender of democracy, Covington urged the people to rally behind the former president in the forthcoming 2024 elections.

After Colby Covington’s recent performance at UFC 296 drew harsh criticism, former UFC champion Henry Cejudo didn’t hold back while giving his opinion.

In a YouTube video, Cejudo questioned Covington’s motives. He suggested that his primary aim was seeking publicity rather than securing victory.

Cejudo expressed his reservations, stating: “I start to wonder if Colby Covington just wants to be famous because, in this fight with Leon Edwards, he did absolutely nothing … He talked all that s**t and now what do we get? You’re giving Donald Trump a second-place trophy. That’s crazy, man. I would never make a spectacle of our president.”

Cejudo also took to Twitter, proposing that Covington should consider joining the WWE. Additionally, he extended congratulations to Leon Edwards for his commendable performance in the bout.