Colby Covington faces backlash for doubling down on Leon Edwards comments after loss

Following his recent defeat to Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Colby Covington has stirred controversy yet again.

Despite Edwards’ clear domination in securing his UFC welterweight title defence, Covington doubled down on excuses for his loss. He attributed it to biased judging, citing alleged political prejudice against him due to his support for former President Donald Trump.

The aftermath of the Las Vegas showdown saw Covington adamantly claiming that his public endorsement of Trump might have led to the judges’ favoring Edwards. In a candid interview, he insinuated that his support for Trump might have been a factor in the decision against him.

Edwards stated: “I do believe that. I think they stacked the deck against us because they don’t want, we the people to have control of this country again and that’s what Trump stands for – he stands for democracy, he stands for freedom. So, they’re going to do everything they can to keep us down.”


Regrettably, Covington’s controversial behavior did not stop there. In another interview, he surprisingly drew a comparison between Edwards’ late father and Adolf H*tler.

Covington stated: “Just like H*tler, he was a terrible person. I’m not comparing him to H*tler, but I’m saying it’s that same level of bad guy.”

Covington’s defeat to Edwards marks his third unsuccessful title attempt within the UFC. He previously lost twice to Kamaru Usman in title matches.

Speaking candidly during the press conference after the event, Dana White voiced his disappointment with Covington’s performance. He criticized Covington’s sluggishness, remarking that waiting for the right opportunity in this sport is never advisable.

He said: “My take on it is when you’re 35 years old or any age in this sport and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to wait,’ waiting is never a good idea in this sport. This sport doesn’t wait for anybody.”

“He looked slow tonight. He got out-wrestled. Leon looked good, Leon looked fast. Looked like [Colby] had trouble dealing with his speed and then getting out-wrestled too. Not to mention Leon absolutely destroyed that leg too.”