Colby Covington calls Sean Strickland “Obnoxious and Low IQ” over controversial remarks

In a recent interview, Colby Covington didn’t hold back when it came to criticizing Sean Strickland, the reigning UFC middleweight champion. Covington labeled Strickland as “obnoxious” and questioned his intelligence.

Strickland’s most recent outing, which took place in September 2023, saw him secure the UFC middleweight title by defeating the then-middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, through a unanimous decision.

When asked about Strickland’s upset victory over Adesanya, Covington acknowledged that anything can happen in MMA and the UFC, emphasizing the sport’s unpredictability

“So, that [Strickland] is another fight. That could be the next fight as well, James. I might go up to middleweight, steal that middleweight strap. Champ, champ!”

‘Chaos’ also blasted Strickland for his misogynistic comments. Covington said:

“Outspoken in the most, just obnoxious manner, and just belligerent, and just so low-IQ, bro. The guy has no wits. I mean, he just says some of the most egregious nasty stuff. And I can’t identify with anything with that guy. So, he said some really stupid things about women. And I respect women.”
“I think it’s equality out there. And everybody shouldn’t be entitled to someone. It’s not, ‘Oh, if they’re a woman, or what the color of their skin is…’ It’s about who’s the most qualified for a job. He’s an idiot. He’s even a f**king weaker fighter. He got lucky that ‘Izzy’ cashed out already.”


Covington emphasized the importance of equality and qualifications, regardless of gender or race, and expressed his respect for women. He also didn’t hesitate to criticize Strickland’s fighting abilities, referring to him as a “weaker fighter” who got lucky with Adesanya’s previous decisions.

As for their future in the UFC, Colby Covington is set to face Leon Edwards in a welterweight title bout at UFC 296 on December 16, 2023. Covington has also expressed his desire to pursue a double-champion status by aiming for the middleweight title after defeating Edwards.

On the other hand, Sean Strickland’s next opponent and return date have not been officially announced by the UFC. While Dana White initially considered an immediate title rematch between Strickland and Adesanya, he later hinted at the possibility of Strickland defending his title against other contenders.