Cobra Kai season 5 trailer features Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson

The much anticipated season 5 of Cobra Kai has many fans hyped up and now that the new trailer is out, we get to see some well-known MMA pros getting their karate on.

The 5th season of the show will feature Former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley along with contender Stephen Thompson who the fans consider their a UFC version of the ‘karate kid’.

Thompson revealed that him and Tyron Woodley would be joining the Cobra Kai cast awhile back. He didn’t have much to say with regards to their roles at the time but it looks like we now have an idea thanks to the new trailer.

As for their roles in the show it looks like they’ll be part of the new Cobra Kai for the season. Terry Silver, who is the new head of the dojo after betraying long time friend John Kreese, has set out to recruit new senseis after the dojo’s expansion. This looks to be where Woodley’s and Thompson’s characters fit in.

The hit TV show seems to be centered around a theme of former enemies becoming friends. Which we can see from how Danny LaRusso and his original rival Johnny Lawrence set aside their differences and show kids how teaming up instead of being in conflict can make a difference.

This time around we’ll likely see that in Woodley and Thompson who were once rivals with Thompson coming up short against Woodley twice. The two had an intense rivalry at the time with the first bout ending in an actual draw – which is very rare in MMA.

But Thompson told The MMA Hour that he and Woodley were amicable, hanging out on the set. According to Thompson their “beef has been squashed,” he added,

“Since then, he’s awesome and fun to hang out with while we were there. I didn’t get to hang out with him a ton but while we were there on set.”

The premiere of Season 5 of Cobra Kai is set on September 9, 2022.