Coach Admits, Sparring Footage Was Actually Worse For Ngannou Than Revealed

Francis Ngannou is trying to save face and claim that the footage of him sparring Cyril Gane back when they were both a part of Paris’ MMA Factory has been doctored.

Ngannou was very displeased with former coach Fernand Lopez deciding to share and reacted:

“When I saw that footage, my first reaction was laughing. Because I know exactly what happened at those training sessions. But this is the thing. When they want to like, do some highlight, they always choose the part of the video that they use. And they have a lot of videos like that because, at the time, he was like, they were filming our training session to promote him, his fight, and everything. So, there was a lot of footage from those few training sessions. But a lot of them never came out and would never come out, will never come out. And I know for a fact that they will never come out.”

Ngannou had not been with MMA Factory since January 2018.

Gane’s professional MMA career wouldn’t even begin before August of 2018. Upto that point he had been active in Muay Thai. He had started back in 2013 and went 13-0 in the sport.

The former coach of Francis Ngannou recently fired back at Ngannou over accusations that the footage was doctored:

“I rolled my eyes, because it makes no sense,” MMA Factory leader Fernand Lopez said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “Let’s put it this way…let’s take the worst-case scenario – the UFC did manipulate the footage. Is it the wrong footage? Why are you concerned about that footage anyway? It’s the f*cking footage. You are not [wearing] the four-ounce gloves. You are not trying to knock Ciryl Gane down.

“We all know, I recognize his power. Ciryl Gane recognizes his power. The whole world recognizes his power. They can see in the video that Francis didn’t use the full power to knock Ciryl Gane down. Right? So where is the manipulation?”