Chito Vera wants UFC to test newly retired athletes including TJ Dillashaw to close USADA loophole

Conor McGregor’s transformation cast a dark shadow on UFC’s collaboration with USADA. If you take one look at Mystic Mac it becomes apparent that anything is possible as long as you’re important enough.

And that’s a not exactly great for fair sportsmanship. Many UFC insiders are anticipating TJ Dillashaw to unretire despite the fact that there are indicators that he’s done for good.

Dillashaw suffered a series of crippling shoulder injuries in camp that can only be resolved with several surgeries. And this isn’t even the first time Dillashaw is getting said surgery so he’s reconciled with his fate.

But many UFC aces feel that this isn’t the case. Recently up and coming bantamweight contender Chito Vera proposed that UFC and USADA close the loophole that allows for retired athletes to take whatever they want.

Vera told Michael Bisping:

“So this is crazy. The moment you retire, you’re out of the pool. I’m like at least test the guy for a year, I don’t know or anybody. Right. But who knows? I really believe even if even if USADA randomly test you they can only test you from 6 to 6.”

“I think is way less than the ones they’re willing to take help to grow some muscle. Some look better and feel better. And again, it’s not easy to wake up and do this amount of work. I actually crave for this.. I love it. I’m a high energy person.”

Vera went on to explain:

“Most people that do (PEDs), they can do three or four times a day practice and feel great.”

Vera just booked an exciting headliner against Cory Sandhagen the two are booked to face each other on the 19th of February at the UFC Apex facility.