Chelsea FC’s Thiago Silva rages after receiving a punch during game: ‘This is not even allowed in UFC’

In a recent Premier League match, Chelsea’s center half Thiago Silva expressed his discontent over a controversial incident involving fellow Brazilian Vinicius.

The strike to the back of the head resembled almost a rabbit punch, and it occurred during their intense match against Fulham. Silva boldly asserted that such a move would not even be permitted in the UFC or mixed martial arts arena.

Chelsea is a prominent English Premier League team who secured their second league win of the season in an amazing encounter against Fulham. The match was held at Craven Cottage, and witnessed goals from Mykalio Mudryk and Armando Broja. This ultimately sealed the victory for Chelsea in the second half.

However, the game was not without its share of controversy. The spotlight fell on Thiago Silva and his compatriot Vinicius as they vied for possession of a loose ball.

In a fervent chase, Vinicius delivered what seemed like a rabbit punch to Silva’s neck, sending the seasoned defender sprawling to the ground in pain.

 A rabbit punch is a term used to describe a type of illegal and potentially dangerous blow in combat sports, particularly boxing. It involves hitting an opponent in the back of the head or the base of the skull. This area is considered off-limits in boxing and other combat sports due to the risk of causing severe injury to the cervical spine, brainstem, or other vital structures.

The term “rabbit punch” is derived from the idea that hitting an opponent in this vulnerable area can have a paralyzing or stunning effect, similar to how a blow to the back of the head might affect a rabbit. Because of the potential for serious injury, rabbit punches are strictly prohibited in organized combat sports, and referees will penalize or disqualify fighters who use them. Safety regulations and rules are in place to protect the health and well-being of athletes in these sports.

Despite fervent appeals for the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) to review the incident and potentially dismiss Vinicius with a red card, the Brazilian forward escaped unpunished.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Thiago Silva took to social media to voice his concern. He highlighted his understanding of the unified ruleset of mixed martial arts, emphatically stating that such a blow to the back of an opponent’s head would be strictly prohibited in that sport.

Silva declared on his official Instagram story. “This is not even allowed in the UFC. But it’s cool.”