Cheap shot? Boxer KOs opponent right after Glove Touch

Professional boxer Ruben Torres punched his opponent as soon as they touched gloves. His opponent Cristian Baez got knocked out cold and left boxing fans irked.

Ruben Torres and Cristian Baez clashed in a lightweight match at the recent Thompson Boxing Promotions event. The event was held last Saturday in Corona, California. Torres gained everyone’s attention when he did a slick move by punching his opponent as soon as they touched gloves.

Ruben Torres entered the ring undefeated with a total of 19 matches. He also won 16 matches via knockout. During the starting round, the pair exchanged blows pretty fiercely. Setting up the tone for a spectacular clash. However, in the following rounds, Torres got the upper hand and significantly dominated Baez.

The peak of their match was during the 7th round where Torres knocked Baez down with a straight right hand. Baez managed to get back on his feet but before they continued to scrap, both of them touched gloves.

It was at this moment when Torres flashed a deadly left hook that knocked Baez out. The crowd went wild when Baez hit the canvas fully unconscious.

What Torres did was clearly legal and he taught Baez to always protect himself at all times. However, several fans think it was a very dirty move as Torres was the one who raised his hand first, indicating that he was asking to touch gloves before continuing the round.

The 24-year-old doesn’t think it was a dirty move at all and is now focusing on a bigger opponent.

“They always say protect yourself at all times. This is boxing and fighters like myself are always on the attack. The referee gave the signal to start fighting again and I came out guns blazing, especially after I knocked him down. I hit him with a left hook and that was it,”

Torres said following the match.