Chael Sonnen just tried to claim Conor McGregor is ‘Clean’: Did PED abuse render him blind?

Chael Sonnen is reliable source for wildest takes on UFC developments. Longtime mixed martial artist turned youtube personality just made another round of headlines after he shared some interesting claims.

Conor McGregor has been scrutinized for months – after journalists kept asking questions about his name being suspiciously absent from the list of PED tests USADA had done this year. It got to be such a drastic change, that eventually McGregor explained he was out of the USADA pool and was doing everything he could to regain the level of functionality he had prior to his catastrophic leg break.

Such an injury compromised the careers of Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva and the common consensus is that neither of them was ever the same.

Sonnen is no stranger to PED use. He tested positive for Anastrozole and Clomiphene back in 2014. This was one of the first suspensions for PEDs in UFC. Prior to testing positive he had gotten a therapeutic use exemption and was on testosterone replacement therapy.

Anastrozole can cause retinal hemorrhages so we advise caution whenever you find yourself falling for a Sonnen take.

Besides the lack of apprehension toward doping, those pesky PEDs might’ve compromised Sonnen’s senses because McGregor’s former self can’t even make it as a shadow of his current physique.

Sonnen told Helwani:

‘Conor’s clean. He’s been trolling, he’s been having fun with people. Come on. A guy doesn’t go out and do a crime and then document the crime. Conor put the pictures out. He’s having fun with people. He’s clean,’ Sonnen told The MMA Hour.

‘I believe that Conor has chosen his words very carefully. I believe that he’s creating conversation. I know that every word that he said is to insinuate that he’s avoiding the pool for scandalous reasons. ”

‘Just to give you an example, Conor spoke five days ago and said, “I’ll be ready to enter the pool in February”. What do you mean you’ll be ready? He knew what he was doing. He wanted that put out there. ”

Sonnen is a big McGregor fan and had previously tried to claim McGregor wasn’t dirty despite he Irish sports star openly admitting to using a variety of dirty tactics against Poirier and Nurmagomedov.