Candace Owens blasts Khabib for condemning Covington

Political commentator Candace Owens previously featured Colby Covington on her show. This is perhaps what lead her to criticize Khabib Nurmagomedov’s call for welterweights to boycott Covington.

Nurmagomedov went on a now infamous rant condemning Covington for pressing charges against a man of similar stature and combat capabilities. His long post concluded with a plea that other fighters should boycott Covington and basically strong arm the UFC into benching him over the comments he made about other people’s families.

Quite a few UFC athletes made their stance known on the subject – while many condemn Masvidal’s choice to exhort ‘justice’ in the street when he could’ve done so in the octagon others side eye Covington’s choice to file a police report.

Owens replied to a commenter who had called Nurmagomedov ‘soft’ and added her own expletives to it.

Covington and Owens previously discussed woke sports and that infamous woke Meryl Streep speech slamming MMA.

 “I grew up as a conservative, my family was always conservative, and I just, you know, early in my career, I wanted to wear it, but everybody was like censoring me. They’re like, all you need to be a good guy. Don’t do anything against the book. Don’t, don’t, don’t do anything. It’s gonna piss the UFC off because the UFC they’re all the owners now they’re super liberal Hollywood, Hollywood guys, the WME guy” – Colby went on to explain.

 “My agent was like, let’s, you know, Dan Lambert was like, let’s, you know, let’s let’s keep it you know, keep it under control. You know, don’t do things that are gonna piss UFC off, we need to use them, you need to become partners with them so you can get and you can maximize …”

Candace was quick to chime in: “That’s what it’s like, give up who you are as a person, but maybe appease everybody else, right. And that that is actually the Hollywood trap, too.”

She was also quick back to call back to Meryl Streep’s infamous diss of MMA.
” She did one of her speeches. She was she was given like she was giving an anti Trump speech. And I actually have the quote, This is what she said. So Hollywood is crawling without this supposed to be in defense of illegal immigrants. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football, football and mixed martial arts, which is not an art.”

Covington also touched upon how his schtick as the lowest of the low in the UFC started:

“I’ve never told the story before but three fights ago before I fought the number two guy in the world, this guy named Damien Maia in Brazil, they had told my manager Dan Lambert, that there they weren’t going to resign me, they didn’t like my style.”

“They didn’t like that I wasn’t entertaining. And this is before I really started to become an entertainer and understand the entertainment aspect of this business. So before this fight, they told me no matter what happens, I was ranked number six in the world. We’re not resigning you, we don’t like your character. We don’t like your fighting style. You know, and I’m getting paid $30,000 to go fight the number two guy in the world like after you pay taxes and pay your coaches, you’re really going to get like five or $10,000.”

“So go out there. And I beat him up leave him in a pool of his own blood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, his home, his home city, and I shoot this promo on the Brazilians and I say hey, you guys are all a bunch of filthy animals, you know, and in Brazil, you’re a dump going back to kind of the racist thing, you know, everybody’s like, Oh, you racist. You said Brazilians are filthy animals. I’m like, Brazil is not a race, you know, country.”

“And they use filthy animals in home alone. So it’s just healthy animals keep the change.
So I go and shoot this promo and I wasn’t supposed to have my job. But that promo goes so viral on the internet that the UFC is like we have to keep him we can’t we have to resign because that promo was so big. So that’s what saved my career. And that was a turning point in my career and the rest has been history. “