Butterbean’s son loses pro boxing debut by KO

It seems that Butterbean’s son will not be following in his well-known father’s footsteps.

The boxing legend gained international acclaim during his professional boxing career in the 1990s. Many fans were astounded by his skills in the ring, considering his bulky build. Butterbean’s agility and skill set him apart in the world of boxing.

His actual name is Eric Esch. Throughout his career, the unconventional heavyweight weighed between 300 and 430 pounds (21 and 31 stone).

Originating from Texarkana, Arkansas, Butterbean started his journey in the early 1990s on the ‘Toughman Contest’ circuit. Encouraged by friends, he entered this arena where amateurs tested their mettle in four-round bouts.

The maximum heavyweight limit for the amateur format was 400 pounds (28½ stone), which Esch at the time surpassed. As a result, he had to go on a diet and lose some of his fat.

Esch got his moniker from eating butterbeans as part of his diet.

With his victory in this tournament and his growing reputation as the ‘King of the Four-Rounders,’ Butterbean decided to compete professionally in 1994.

He started a unique career as a four-round boxer, often defeating journeymen opponents and earning a cult following in the process.

Esch ended his career in 2013. Among his most memorable bouts were those in which he defeated former Mike Tyson opponent Peter McNeeley in 1999 and lost on points to the great Larry Holmes in 2002.

Matthew Caleb Esch is the son of the legendary Butterbean. He entered the ring over the weekend in an effort to carry on his father’s legacy.

The 5’9″ boxer faced Joshua Brice in his professional debut. However, the outcome was not what he had hoped for.

In the second round of the four-round match, Brice delivered a vicious body blow to Esch and ended up knocking him out.

Esch was unable to bounce back and sat out the referee’s count. He is now 0-1 in his professional boxing.

Despite facing an early setback, Matthew’s journey is only beginning.