Bus that Israel Adesanya was traveling in to the UFC 281 presser was in an accident prior to event

Israel Adesanya is headlining UFC 281 so naturally UFC was very concerned when they heard that the bus they deployed to get Adesanya to the press conference was in an accident.

Thankfully the accident was characterized as a ‘small collision’ and Adesanya made it to the presser unperturbed.

The vehicle reportedly struck a fire hydrant on the way to Madison Square Garden, according to the Brazilian publication AGFight. Despite the collision damaging the bus, no one on board was hurt. According to reports, Adesanya was travelling on the bus with Alexander Volkanovski.

The good news is that nobody was hurt, and Adesanya and Pereira’s bout is on. Given that they competed against each other twice in kickboxing, this bout will have a significant impact on both men. However, Adesanya is convinced he can defeat the Brazilian this time.

Adesanya told  AllStar,

“I honestly think within the first five minutes, within the first round, even within the first three minutes, with the pace we’re gonna (bring), I think it’s gonna be a high pace. He’s not gonna be able to keep that high pace”.

“In the first round, you’re gonna see him start to fold. He’s not gonna be able to keep that high pace. I know the kinda pace I can (bring). He’s not gonna last. If this fight has to go, each round, until someone falls, trust me, I know who’s gonna stand. I know who’s gonna be left standing.”

Adesanya was also surprised to learn he’s the favorite heading into this weekend despite the 2 losses he has to Pereira in kickboxing.

“He should be the favorite. I don’t know why – these betting people, whoever makes these odds sometimes – I just think he should be the favorite”