Bryce Mitchell worries Evolution theory was introduced by a rogue satanist priest into Catholicism

Bryce Mitchell is known for his unorthodox views extending beyond the flat earth theory. Recently, he surprised everyone again as he prepares for a sudden matchup against UFC’s Josh Emmett on December 16.

Originally set to face Giga Chikadze, Emmett encountered a change in opponents due to Chikadze’s unexpected withdrawal from the bout. This opened the door for Mitchell to step in and add one more match to his 2023 record.

In a recent interview with former middleweight champion Michael Bisping’s YouTube channel, Mitchell delved not only into his upcoming bout but also into his unconventional beliefs. Talking on everything from evolution to historical societies and even the Freemasons, Bryce Mitchell really excelled himself when he brought together Catholic churches, Satan, and the Big Bang in one interview.

Mitchell made startling claims linking the origins of The Big Bang theory to the Catholic Church. He said: “The Big Bang was created by a Catholic priest, not a scientist and that is a sign that the Catholic church has been infiltrated. The p*dophiles that infiltrated the Catholic Church. The Satanists have infiltrated the Catholic Church. I have Catholic buddies and they might hate me for saying that, but I don’t think they will.”

“I think they’ll understand what I’m saying when I talk about p*dophiles and Satanists infiltrating the Catholic Church. That is a real issue and I believe The Big Bang was introduced by the Catholic Church because it’s been infiltrated by Satanists.”

Expressing his belief in society’s regression, Mitchell proposed that historically advanced civilizations existed. He alleged that organizations like The Freemasons concealed evidence of this advanced technology by destroying architectural remnants, citing the 1893 Chicago World Fair as an example.

He continued: “We’re going backward in history.We’re actually devolving. If you look at the architecture from before, it indicates there were superior societies with superior technology and this has all been hidden by The Freemasons who are actually responsible for destroying architecture to hide the truth of the past.”

“If you look up 1893, there was a Chicago World Fair and we’re talking hundreds of brick and mortar buildings and not like the ones you see today. I’m talking columns, statues, ornate designs, and steeples. You name it. Buildings have been destroyed. I’m talking the most beautiful buildings you’ve ever seen destroyed. 1893 in Chicago, all of those buildings have been destroyed. All, but two of them.”

Further reinforcing his argument for societal regression, Mitchell referenced the pyramids. Additionally, he took a dig at U.S. President Joe Biden, implying skepticism about the government’s competence.

He went on to say: “If you look at them pyramids and the degree of accuracy they were built with and we couldn’t do that today, especially with Joe Biden running our country. Joe Biden would f*ck up… We couldn’t replicate that today. Our government would screw that up tremendously. And how did those pyramids get there?”

“I firmly believe that we’ve been lied to about our history and maybe some of that knowledge has just been plum lost, but I think secret societies out there have that knowledge and hide that knowledge.”