Bryce Mitchell doubles down on Flat Earth nonsense, accuses Joe Rogan of ducking debate

On December 10 at UFC 282, the undefeated Bryce Mitchell will return to the octagon. He will face another unbeaten 145-pounder – Ilia Topuria.

Mitchell made an appearance on the “Champ and The Tramp” podcast with around a week left and discussed numerous topics. One of these was hi nonsensical call out of Joe Rogan over Flat Earth dismissiveness.

When asked whether Rogan had contacted him to participate on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Bryce Mitchell said no.

He then went on to say, “No man, I think he’s a little bit scared brother. That’s the thing, people think I have the burden proof. Go outside and look, do you see the Earth spinning a thousand miles an hour? Do you see the big bang? Do you see… No.”

“The people saying that there’s a big bang, that the Earth is rotating a thousand miles an hour. Orbiting the sun at 666,000 miles an hour, those are the people that… The sun is 93 million miles away. Those are the people that have the burden of proof.”

“Here’s the thing, it’s like, I have what I believe constitutes as proof that the sun is small. It’s closer to what they’re saying it is. It’s the exact same size as the moon because they’re a counterpart. The sun and the moon, they are the exact same size in the sky. Now, do you think that’s a coincidence one is 93 million miles away and one whatever? A little… A lot closer and they’re the exact same size or is it more coincidence that they’re actually counterparts in nature? They circle the Earth at a very close proximity “

“When you look into it, I’m not as crazy as they want to make me think. And everybody says, ‘Well what’s the… Why are they lying about that?’ Well brother, it’s such a big issue. It comes down to good versus evil. I mean, that’s what it comes down to. “

“They want your soul. It comes down to if they can make you think big bang created the universe… There’s a million other Earths. This Earth is useless because there are a million other Earths. There’s a million other planets. A million other stars.”

Mitchell then went on a tirade, claiming that NASA and space travel in general were government projects created expressly to defraud Americans of their tax money. Mitchell also claims that no “rovers” have ever been sent to the planet Mars and that the moon landing was staged.

Before concluding, Mitchell was able to weave together all of his beliefs into a simple story.

He said, “It all comes down to, they don’t want you to believe in God. They don’t want you to believe you have a purpose. They don’t want you to believe you have a soul. You do have a soul. This universe was not created by big bang. We live on a flat stationary plane with a sun and a moon created for this one planet. There’s not proof of other planets out there. There’s not.”

It’s certainly an interesting that he’s focusing on this while his cornerman James Krause has been suspended from cornering and is all but done in MMA – for good.