Browns’ Nick Chubb done for season with knee injury so bad ESPN refused to show replay in loss to Steelers

Cleveland Browns’ star running back Nick Chubb succumbed to an unfortunate injury, leaving spectators and commentators aghast.

During the first half of their clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chubb made a determined run towards the goal line. But fate took a harsh turn as he was tackled, clutching his left leg in agony. The severity of the situation was not immediately evident.

The ESPN broadcast was led by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and they provided a somber outlook on Chubb’s condition. As the replay of the incident played in the stadium, a collective gasp echoed through the crowd.

Buck somberly remarked, “I’m told the replay of Nick Chubb getting injured is not to be seen.”

Analyst Tony Aikman concurred by adding, “Yeah, we’re not going to show it. It’s as bad as you can imagine.”

As Chubb was being dragged own by another opponent, Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick delivered a low blow. His knee ended up bending in an extremely wrong manner.

Chubb was subsequently escorted off the field. He met with a chorus of support from Steelers fans who had witnessed the distressing replay.

Browns’ head coach Kevin Stefanski confirmed the grim reality post-game: Chubb’s season had been prematurely terminated due to the “significant” knee injury.

This unfortunate incident drew parallels to Chubb’s college days at Georgia when a similar mishap occurred. A tackle near the sideline led to an awkward landing, resulting in a major knee injury during the 2015 season. This current injury took place in the same left knee.

Chubb was selected by the Browns in the second round draft pick of the NFL and played for Georgia again in 2016 and 2017.

Chubb is one of the top running backs in the NFL, and is a vital part of the Browns’ offense. In his sixth season in the league, Chubb had a career-high 1,525 running yards and 12 touchdowns. The 27-year-old ran for 106 yards on 18 runs in the Browns’ victory against the Cincinnati Bengals to begin the season last week.

Additionally, he had 64 yards on 10 carries on Monday night before he was injured. Chubb is halfway through a $36 million, three-year contract with the Browns.